Monday, January 31, 2005

Quickies and weekend

Not much went on yesterday. After speaking with the scarents on the phone for a couple of hours (and drinking copious amounts of coffee during the conversation), I read the paper, went to the health club, and came home to Shawn who made breakfast for us (nice surprise!). Later, it was a nap, a walk around the hood with Shawn (the hood is building up fast - most of the plots are sold), then watch a little television, read a little, and make dinner. A nice, quiet day.

The web was abuzz with things a happening, of course. For instance, we have a new roadmap for Firefox 2.0, including the latest dates for Firefox 1.1's release.

Speaking of Firefox, here's the Firefox Tweak Guide. For those of you who want an extra burst from their browser.

Juan Cole, always one of the better analysts on the middle east and Iraq, has rounded up some of the best reporting and commentary on the vote yesterday.

Remember Disney's Song of the South? Eisner vows that they'll never release it due to the racist overtones in the picture. I saw it in theaters when I was a kid. I remember the racist elements, but more than that, I remember the songs. A fan page has sprung up to force Disney to release it on DVD. Really, it should be released on DVD. We shouldn't run from our past.

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