Wednesday, July 05, 2006


North Korea launched it's expected missile test. Note the line about no one seriously suggesting that this was a threat to the U.S. because you'll hear politicians suggest it in coming weeks as they cynically use this for personal gains in the coming elections.

The CIA has closed the task force it had built that focused on the capturing or killing of Bin Laden. A victim of it's own success, I'm sure.

The growth of sushi bars are possibly forcing the extinction of tuna. In truth, over fishing of the world's oceans is a major crisis that most people ignore. More people are eating seafood than ever before. The fishing industry is using more efficient methods that have a devastating effect on the world. David Suzuki has been writing and lecturing about this for years.

Murray Waas' latest column: Bush directed Cheney to disclose classified information to defend his administration, however he did not direct anyone to disclose Valerie Plame's identity. So, where does that leave the argument that the President has a right to declassify information?

Fake doctors in South Africa performing circumcisions and killing people. Note the phrase, "winter circumcision season". Yikes! It's like a hunting or harvesting thing.

The image above features the latest in geek fetish wear: a USB enabled bra.

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