Thursday, July 13, 2006


Gas prices are going up thanks to "tensions" in the Middle East (nice metaphor).

Great editorial on the politics in Iraq and Afghanistan by someone who has actually spent a great deal of time in both countries traveling around amongst their peoples. Snip:
But the Westerners’ political strategies are too often based more on moral ideals than real information — very few coalition officials serve in these countries for more than a year, even fewer are specialists in the region, and security restrictions prevent them from living in the community. Many have too much faith in their ability to create a society in their own image and a mistaken belief that they can find clean, technocratic, powerful and liberal alternatives to these local leaders. They prefer to rely on constitutions and abstract economic theories than to engage with local personalities.
Hundreds detained over Mumbai bombings...western bloggers remain silent while secretly appreciating capitalisms outsourcing of at least some terror.

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