Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Interesting site: Queer Music Heritage

The U.S. government is charging it's citizens to be evacuated out of war torn Lebanon and doing a slow job of it. So much for protecting it's citizens!

FedEx drivers are all "independent contractors" and, therefore, are getting screwed on benefits.

Investigators caught anti-abortion "pregnancy resource centers" lying about the effects of abortions. Who is surprised by this?

Politicians looking to gain votes by fear mongering about immigrants have gotten the federal government to tighten the borders. Apparently it's working because farmers in Washington state can't get enough people to harvest the crops. What was that line about taking jobs away from Americans? I don't see those Americans rushing to the fields.

George Will smacks down The Weekly Standard. Snip:
The administration, justly criticized for its Iraq premises and their execution, is suddenly receiving some criticism so untethered from reality as to defy caricature. The national, ethnic and religious dynamics of the Middle East are opaque to most people, but to the Weekly Standard -- voice of a spectacularly misnamed radicalism, "neoconservatism" -- everything is crystal clear: Iran is the key to everything .

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