Sunday, July 23, 2006


Afghanistan continues to be attacked by the Taliban. Iraq is in a state of civil war. Israel sends tanks into Lebanon, causing refugees to flee into already packed Syria. Somalia is edging closer to civil war while the Ethopian government, which has always coveted the Somali lands, moves in to "protect" the U.S. backed government there. When will military commanders wake up and realize that they, and their allies, are fighting wars on several fronts? The U.S. military always proclaimed that it could fight a war on two fronts, but now it's looking at more than three fronts and we haven't even brought up problems in Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea. The British seem to have little stomach for the Israeli conflict to the point that even Blair is breaking, if ever so slightly, from being a lapdog of the U.S.

Such is the shame of the failed Bush administration's policies. It reflects poorly on our nation that we do not stand up and demand a change. We will reap the consequences of these actions for years to come. Wars on several fronts brought to you by the same folks who brought you the "culture of life". Branding, Texas-American style. Say "Moo", you cows.

Alarming environmental news: the Amazon rain forest is in the second year of a drought and a new study says that it may only survive three years of such droughts. This could have an immense global impact on the warming of the planet.

Speaking of warming, those crazy Brits drank 26 million bottles of water in one week of the recent heat wave. That's a lot of plastic being made and wasted. Not that the rest of the western world is any better on this score.

Some people in Harlem are heated with Bill Clinton. It seems that ever since he placed his headquarters in that city gentrification has taken over. Poor blacks can't afford to live in Harlem any more.

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