Tuesday, July 18, 2006

YouTube, Blogger, and IE

My brother wrote me this morning to tell me that my blog wasn't appearing correctly in IE. *Sigh* This happens every so often. The blog appeared fine in Firefox and I'm sure Opera was dealing with it as well, but in IE, my brother had to scroll way down the screen to see any content. Heh - he was lucky. In IE 7 (which I have loaded on my machine) the content did not appear at all. The side bars were OK, but not the content.

As I recalled, when this happened in the past, it was due to my embedding a video from YouTube into the blog. Sure enough, when I deleted the post of the video created for Ted Stevens' famous "The Internet is a series of tubes" speech, the blog appeared fine in IE once again. So, what's the deal with IE and rendering embedded videos? If IE 7 cannot handle this properly, isn't that another dent in it's armor and a plus for switching to Firefox or Opera? I suspect it's because IE isn't adhering to standards. In any case, it was ironic for that particular video to be the cause. Those tubes must have been clogged.

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