Friday, July 21, 2006


Oh, my, the boys in the New York Dolls might have a hit on their hands. The song is catchy and cheeky as is the video.

Durex is marketing condoms to young teens in England. Good for them.

Password protected briefs for men.

The Pharmacy Board in Washington State dropped it's proposal for allowing pharmacists to deny prescriptions because it went against the pharmacist's personal beliefs. This is excellent news. Despite the spin in the article, the reason that they did this was because the governor threatened to fire them all if they passed the proposal (and she has that right).

As the 500th anniversary of his death approaches, new documents confirm that he was a tyrannical despot. Expect conservatives, who have denied this account for years, to claim that those were different times. Yet the documents show that some of his supporters gave horrific testimony at his trial.

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