Thursday, April 19, 2007

FBI searches Doolittle's home

The FBI raided the home of Republican congressman, James Doolittle. He's been under investigation for his role in the Abramoff/Wilkes/Cunningham bribery/fundraising scandals. It's a tangled web, but basically Cunningham and Doolittle were friends. Doolittle hired his wife's firm to do some fundraising for him and she, in turn, got a rather high 15% commission for her efforts. Abramoff and his firm were the chief contributers to Doolittle's wife's firm.

OK, having laid that out, reports that they also tried to get a copy of the subpoena from the District court in which it was filed. They didn't get their copy and they printed this line:
Attempts to obtain a copy of the search warrant at the U.S. District Courthouse in Alexandria were unsuccessful. Of the 126 search warrants logged there since the beginning of February, 90 (or 71 percent) are “under seal.”
Emphasis is all mine. So much for "open government" eh? In Washington state, our newspapers, particularly the Seattle Times, have been fighting legal battles to open court records. Government performs best when it is open. What's up with the secrecy?

Update: Doolittle resigned his House Appropriations Committee seat.

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