Tuesday, April 24, 2007


While Naomi Wolf has penned an article on the steps America has taken towards fascism (a word that I think gets tossed around too readily by those who don't understand it and, therefore, it tends to lose real meaning...however, Wolf has used strict criteria for the properties of fascism and makes a cogent case for her point in the essay)....

...some people have decided that the best way to honor the President's bravery in these times of crisis is to present him with a Purple Heart medal. Money quote:
We feel like emotional wounds and scars are as hard to carry as physical wounds.
How much of a fucking Kool-Aid drinking tool do you have to be to do this?!!? It's a rhetorical question. Make no mistake, the Bushies - cowards, all - provided a perfect platform for this propaganda by letting reporters know and letting all parties to this deceit into the White House. Second money quote:
He said he didn't feel like he had earned it.
No, he didn't "feel" like he had earned it, but he sure let you fuckers into the White House and made certain that the press was aware. And, he took the fucking medal. Total crap.

In another contrast of articles today: In one locale, a transgender student is allowed to run for Prom King. In another locale, many thousands of miles away, they had their first (!?!) desegregated prom. America, land of diversity.

We're number 15! As in ranked 15th nation in the world as far as broadband penetration per 100 internet users. That's a drop from number 12. Luxemborg, France, and Japan just passed us.

If you haven't downloaded them yet, then go buy these albums. Straight up funk with feminist underpinnings. Re-releases from the 70s. Powerful stuff. Plus, you'll be supporting an independent record label.


Scott said...

Wow, not much of comfort in Ms Wolf's essay. I posted the link on a liberal dl at work:

A scary read.

When I read essays on the fascising of America I've always felt some hope at the overblown or simplistic nature of some or all of the piece. This one offered no such comfort for me. I've felt for years we've been treading into dangerous territory, and makes me ask if we're closer to the point of no return than even my ever cynical political side contemplated before.

On a lighter note, I'm surprised we're still at 15. With the rule of the shareholder supplanting rule of law (I had to come back to it...) providing the best service is now a quaint, antiquated notion. As long as enough people are willing to overpay for services there is no monetary justification for making broadband available to all. I'm starting to think of cancelling my internet access. As I think about it, I'm less willing to pay more than $20 a month to work from my house.
That would limit my blogging to lunch, or make me carry 3.5" disks around again.

Gosh, I'm liking that idea more as I write...

B.D. said...

Ms. Wolf is not the first person to attempt to identify unifying aspects of fascist states. There are some college professors that have done the same. She is merely applying their analysis with her own to the current situation in the U.S. Indeed, she may be ripping off someone else's work, although I think she added a category or two.

I'm surprised to learn that 3.5" disks still exist!