Saturday, April 14, 2007


Still not ready for prime time under this administration.
As many as 6 million prepared meals stockpiled near potential victims of the 2006 hurricane season spoiled in the Gulf Coast heat last summer when the Federal Emergency Management Agency ran short of warehouse and refrigeration space, according to agency officials.In all, hundreds of truckloads of food worth more than $40 million are being thrown away or scavenged for unspoiled contents to be offered to domestic hunger-relief groups, FEMA officials said...

Coast Guard Vice Adm. Harvey Johnson, who joined FEMA last April, said the agency is cleaning house. "FEMA is making significant changes in the culture, management and organization of our logistics structure, and part of that is to instill . . . visibility and accountability," he said.
Isn't that double speak? Under Clinton/Gore FEMA not only was competent, but it worked reasonably well and had accountability. Under Bush/Cheney the agency has been gutted and filled with political hacks who weren't experienced in disaster handling which led to a figurehead being fired (a fine and rare example of a Bush appointee being fired, by the way).