Thursday, April 12, 2007

War Czar

Yep, you read that right. And it's not satire on my part. The Bush administration has been feeling out several top military commanders for filling a new position that reports directly to the President called a War Czar. Oh, to be sure, that might have been only a working title, but no matter what they call this position the effect would be the same as of a Czar. Acting Up has a good post on this topic. What I had to add I posted in a reply to him which I republish below with minor edits.

As you know, I regularly call it the department of "Fatherland Security". It does have that same Nazi/Soviet feel to it.

I agree that this Czar position is a way to undercut Gates, but it is also a way to undercut Rice. The so-called Czar (a term we should banish from all government positions) would oversee the Pentagon, the State Dept. , Fatherland Security, and the Justice Department as they pertain to the so-called War on Terror. That undercuts Gates, Rice, Gonzales, and Chertoff. It, in essence, is a revival of the Gustapo or KGB. It shows not only a willingness to concentrate control, but also a suspicious nature towards elements within Bush's own government.

Cheney must be behind this. He sees other cabinet members attempting to dismantle the structures that he has worked hard to set in place. These folks are even collaborating with a Democratic Congress (and listening to the will of the public in doing so) to curb Cheney's "reforms". In his fit of Nixonian paranoia, his next Machiavellian maneuver is to undercut these people with a new appointment.

Tellingly, this person is not a new cabinet position. Congress would never allow it. Instead, this new position will report directly to the puppet and thief, Bush. As you note, even if they find no takers (someone will take it, though - some sycophant greedy for power and prestige), Cheney has already let these cabinet members know that he's not happy with their positions on Gitmo, Middle East peace, terrorist prosecutions, or security data bolstering his lies.

You're right: we have a secretary of defense, formerly known as a secretary of war. We also have a Commander in Chief (in theory, Bush). Why would we need a Czar to trump them? Cheney no longer has a need for Bush. Bush is a lame duck. This is Cheney's last big chance to grab power and enforce his agenda until the end of his term.

Congress should vigorously oppose any such position. A variety of voices is good for government. It doesn't matter if Cheney doesn't like to positions or the leaks coming forward. In fact, I'll wager that if such a position is created more leaks will occur and we'll see a Justice Department turn inwards to investigate and prosecute those who would not drink the Kool-Aid and make such leaks.

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