Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

Scamming golfers in Japan. Thieves get access to bank cards and bleed the wealthy victims dry of cash. Guess what? The banks don't guarantee refunds in Japan.

ChoicePoint's CISO is on the PR offensive. Bruce Schneier debunks some of what he has to say.

Consumer's Union has a very funny video parody of commercials for drugs. It's part of a campaign to require drug manufacturers to improve drug safety. Music by the Austin Lounge Lizards.

I'd be suspicious of C.O.M.E. It's basically a Kegel exercise device, but it claims to revolutionize vaginal orgasms. They do offer this warning:

A frequent cause of orgasmic hindrance during intercourse may, of course, also be a bad lover. Which you can’t simply alleviate with C.O.M.E. either.

Help stop copyright infringement by reporting abusers who sing "Happy Birthday" without the proper licenses.

Here's a fairly disturbing video mash-up mixing CNN coverage with the soundtrack to Rambo.

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