Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

On the agenda for the day: Buying 2 rose bushes for replacing the burning bushes on either side of our entrance steps by our front porch. I plan on digging those things up and replacing them with the new plants today. When facing the house, the right side burning bush and clematis haven't grown as well since we moved in here. I suspect that this is due to concrete that spilled over on the ground here that was probably never cleaned up by the landscaping crew before they were laying down the dirt (I saw them do this to other houses being built in our neighborhood, so there is a basis for my suspicions). If I find this to be the case, then I'll dig out the concrete as well as replace the burning bush on that side. The sun is rising and it looks to be a beautiful day for working outside. Shawn's going to go with me to pick out the roses. She might go to Cost Plus to buy a new cabinet for our front room - they advertised one that she liked. After that, Shawn's got to study.

No other plans for the day. For mp3 hunters, here's a guide on hacking Google to find mp3s on the net. I did some minor searches and turned up some false positives, but also some indexes of legitimate files, which I did not download. Enjoy!

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