Friday, March 25, 2005

Illustrious Friday

A round up of art that amused me on the web this week:

Dubelyoo captures hip hop art and infuses it with editorial and caracature elements.

Marcel Dzama's work looks simple, and it is. It's sparse and oddly amusing.

Similarly sparse is the work of Seonna Hong, who brings a contemporary feel to Asian art styles.

Hong's partner in art and life is Tim Biskup. He has done work for The Residents. His illustrations offer an appropriately skewed vision of the world and his toys are fantastic.

Of course, regular readers will note that I love sites like the Pin-up Cartoon Gallery.

David Goldin's work is in a variety of formats, but his collages are what I like best. He combines illustration with found objects and combines them, often with amusing consequences. Don't pass up his X-Rated collages.

Michael Knapp is one of those odd artists who infuses everything he does with a sense of the blues, or the sad. It adds depth to his characters in a sort of Alice in Wonderland way.

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