Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

Women's eNews Daily has a great commentary cartoon on the GOP and women's reproductive rights.

AmericaBlog has a report that ABC (Disney) has rejected ads from a gay friendly Christian group, but accepted ones from a Christian hate group associated with James Dobbs.

Brazil has turned down money for AIDS prevention from the U.S. because it cannot accept the strings attached. Apparently, the money demanded the country promote abstinence, be anti-abortion, and discourage sex workers. What about keeping people alive first? Seriously, poor countries need to deal with the sick first before they can think of addressing other issues.

Orson Scott Card, sci fi writer of Ender's Game, et al, says good riddance to Star Trek. I'm not as harsh as he is in the article, but it is long past time for this series to go. As much as I loved it over the years, they really ran out of any new ideas some time during Deep Space Nine.

A law paper that argues that the penalties assessed in the RIAA's lawsuits against file sharers are grossly excessive. Interesting stuff.

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