Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Foster care children used for AIDS experiments

Sounds like a sensational headline, but sadly it is not sensational. I look forward to reading the whole AP story later today. Until then, you can read the premise at Editor and Publisher.

Update: Here's the Washington Post article. (free registration may be required)


Scott said...

Tuskegee revisited.

Notice the states which are experimenting on foster children, states which are typically stereotyped for racist attitudes reflected in their laws and public policy. It is hardly surprising that on further investigation it turns out the foster children in question are indeed mostly minority kids.

B.D. said...

Good points. I thought of Tuskegee as well when reading the story. It makes me sad to think that we learned little from that lesson. Then again, there's a lot of ignorance about that example.

Agreed about the minority kids as well. I thought that was one of the reasons foster children were chosen as victims, um...I mean, "lab monkeys", no, I mean subjects...hmmm, too imperialistic? How about "patients"?

Seriously, they literally picked on the lowest, most helpless level of society. This crap just pisses me off in so many ways that I find it difficult to express myself appropriately.

Scott said...

Be inappropriate! It's totally consistent and appropriate here.

Where's the Christian American Jihad (CAJ)? I guess violating the very kids whose ranks they aim to swell with anti-choice initiatives is their ulterior motive. They can't have their rugrats used as lab rats, not when they can create a ready supply for their moneyed masters to test their most dangerous products on. The more I think about this, the smaller the stretch seems. Sad.

PS - I'm going to reference CAJ some more now that I've made the label.