Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

Mozilla has responded to the recently discovered hole in Firefox with a fix: Firefox 1.0.4. Microsoft never responds so quickly and that is the lesson to be learned from this issue. Not all localizations are complete yet, but they are working on it. Use your update feature to obtain the update or go to the link above.

Toshiba announced that it has built a triple layer DVD storage media that will hold 45 GB of data - pretty damn cool.

NY Update: We got back into Seattle around 8 last night. After picking up the luggage, getting our car from the parking lot, dropping bagels off at Microsoft Studios for Shawn's co-workers, sitting through road work traffic on 522 on the way into Monroe, it was 10PM when we walked into the door. The cats were a little freaked, but are happy to see us. Chaiyo even came out fairly quickly.

We loved the trip, but are happy to be back. Shawn is on call today and tomorrow for work, but I've encouraged her to avoid going in if at all possible. She needs to recover from jet lag and do some school work. Besides, she asked for the damn vacation time and her manager's being an ass - as he often is when she asks for the time.

I'm in work this morning and staring at 2 orders that came in on Monday, but for some reason are waiting for my special touch to fulfill them. I also note that Matt has barely been into the office since last Thursday. He's come in, but hasn't spent more than a 4 hour day here and, during some of that time, saw fit to put some lids on candles in the shop. Way to lead by example, Matt! Fucker.

So, I'm in a quandary. I'm unhappy with where I'm at, but not certain I want to go back to SQL right at this point. An opportunity has presented itself to dive into the SQL Server world again that would allow me to work with someone I've enjoyed working with in the past, but I'm not certain that I want the hassles of working in a large company again. Still, it's nice to have options - even if I feel that I'm drifting and waiting for inspiration as opposed to seeking out my own interests. I'll ponder this more later as I get some work done.

I'll also post more about New York after I recover, get some pictures downloaded, and gain some perspective. I'm going to be in the office through Saturday most likely, so it might not be until next week before I get something up. Please, be patient.

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