Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Delay Indicted

This just in. Looks like Mr. Delay will have to step aside for a while. I don't know if the prosecutor has a purely political motivation for this or not (I suspect not), but we can expect to hear many retorts and much belly aching from Republican wingnuts about this one over the coming weeks. The fact of the matter is that the prosecutor got a number of men and women serving on the grand jury to agree to press charges. This is how the system works and now it's up to the court system to take over and decide. Such things happen to both Democratic and Republican lawmakers and it always comes down to the court which, if they have any respect for the Constitution and our state laws, Republicans will respect and withhold their most vituperative remarks - but don't bet on it. Political figures often talk tough about legal punishment for criminals until the spotlight is turned on themselves.

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Scott said...

I saw an interesting news story and interview about six months ago which explains why the Bush disinformation team backed off the partisan accusations so quickly back then. Sure he is a democratic prosecutor in a republican state. He has prosecuted more democrats than republicans.

PS - Since I used the word recognition I've not had any spams.