Friday, September 02, 2005

NOLA Weblog

When you read the NOLA weblog, you cannot help but be moved by posts such as this:

Story: Doctors, patients and staff are stranded at Baptist Hospital (extended campus of Memorial Hospital). My brother, Dr. Bryant King, is stranded there and has been sending occassional text messages to let us know the situation.

Yesterday, he explained that management at the hospital decided to selctivley withold food and water from patients. Doctors are being forced to decide who gets to live and who will starve to death. The hospital is surrounded by 8ft of flood water; There is no more electricity, food or water. Windows are broken out and people are starving.

There has been very little press about this hosptial, but conditions are deplorable and they need to be evacuated. My brother asked that we please get them out of there. Please let the press know that Baptist Hospital (2700 Napolean Blv) is BEGGING FOR HELP!!!

Note: This, sadly, is not an isolated posting. There are others regarding hospitals.

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