Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Last week some liberal bloggers got themselves in a twist over the fact that Pat Robertson's charity group, Operation Blessing, was the second link (under the Red Cross) for donations for hurricane relief. Although I despise Robertson and his politics, I ignored the blog postings because there just wasn't any substance behind them other than picking on Robertson (rightfully so) for said politics. Hey, I thought, any money and assistance that can get to those victims in any way possible is fine by me.

I was wrong. According to this piece in the New York Daily News, Robertson has misused the charity in the past. Perhaps worse yet is he donates money from the charity to The 700 Club, which promotes his political agenda.

After having this pointed out to them, FEMA has removed Robertson's charity from the list. There, I pointed out something they got right...of course, it took a lot of complaining and they were a little late in doing it.

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