Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

Some quick notes. Seeing as how I spend a great deal of time promoting the Firefox browser, I would be remiss if I didn't note that a security flaw was reported yesterday. Unlike the IE folks, however, the Mozilla Foundation offered a fix hours later (rather than weeks, months, years). All of the info is here including links to manually apply the work around or to apply a patch.

For those of you who are P2P aficionados (I am not, but I support their cause), Shareaza 2.2 was released today. Have fun! (Warning - that's a direct link to the download).

The Painted Anvil has what they claim is the best in Classic Pin-Up and Comicbook "Girly" Art. To which I say, "Let us be the judge of that!" And I encourage readers to take their time making up their minds.

Spyware Warrior reports on a new Spyware scam. It's online and it basically uses a browser page which imitates the Windows Security Center. A pop-up comes on the screen warning that the user is infected with spyware and then lists links to 3 (and probably 4) known spyware programs. Note: that is "spyware programs"; not "anti-spyware programs". Those linked programs will install the nasty CWS spyware programs which are difficult to remove (to say the least...I've done it on 2 machines and it was hours and bloody fingers later each time).

Oh and it's World Naked Gardening Day! Have fun, kids, and mind the holly bushes. (Link is NSFW).


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