Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

More on Paul Weller. As an anonymous reader pointed out, his new album + DVD combo is available from an American label. Yep Roc is also offering people who pre-order the new CD before October 11th a free CD-R of "B-sides not available in the U.S." Weller's video for his new single, "Come On/Let's Go" is now up on his website. Finally, his Euro label is offering a listening party for the new album online (at his website - see above) this Friday at 6PM. I assume that means 6PM London time, which is 10AM here in Seattle.

Update: According to an Anonymous comment, the Yep Roc site, linked above, has 2 versions of the video "From The Floorboards Up" on it as well as the new single.

National Geographic has some great pictures of a Giant Squid in the wild. It's the first such pictures known.

BBC reports that students in England will no longer be able to buy junk food. This is the British government's response to a campaign by Jamie Oliver to upgrade the quality of food in British schools. With all of the talk of obesity these days, this only stands to reason.


Anonymous said...

The Yep ROC site has two versions of the video for "From The Floorboards up." They also have "Come On Lets Go" (tune) available. Grab your free B-Sides disc while u r there!

Anonymous said...

Actually, "From the Floorboars Up" is featured on the Yep Roc site as a tune (with some photos that show up during playback) and then the video. There is a 2nd video on the site for "Come On Lets Go." Technically, only one version of the video for FTFU but two ways to watch/listen to the tune. Check it out ya'all!