Monday, September 04, 2006

Laborious Day

WFMU's Beware of the Blog features some Labor Day mp3s for your collection. I especially like the Amway Singers - Recruit, Train, and Motivate.

The Stranger has an article discussing free form radio that mentions WFMU. They also mention Bellevue's community station, KBCS which I listen to on occasion. In fact, I've been listening to their live feed all morning now and they've been playing the BBC news which has featured 2 long reports and discussions: one on the problems facing Britain in continuing down George Bush's middle east policy and another on global warming. It makes me long for such cogent discussions in our own media. However, it's nice to know that I can import such discussions.

I suppose that I should note that I agree with much of the article mentioned above. I listen to WFMU on a regular basis and have contributed during fund raising time. Quality radio programming of the highest order. KEXP in Seattle is a fine station, a formatted station, and one of the better commercial stations in the country. Many will disagree with my assessment of KEXP as "commercial" but given their funding and their programming methods, I think a good argument can be made that they've long ago turned their back on their public radio aspirations. WDET in Detroit is an excellent example of a Public Radio station that still remembers how to fulfill their mandate while not giving over completely to the commercial pressures that KEXP has done.

An economist argues that world leaders need to adapt to global warming rather than focusing solely on mitigating it. There's some merit in this position. To my mind they are not mutually exclusive goals. According to current models, global warming is taking place and will likely continue for at least half a century even if we were to halt our contributions to it today.

"America's aggression is fueling extremism", according to Iran's ex-president.

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