Monday, September 25, 2006


The British Music Industry wants tax breaks to develop new artists. They claim it's research and development and that they need it as much as technology companies. Extreme hubris.

War Profiteering in Iraq

Go see Little Miss Sunshine. We saw it yesterday and laughed from beginning to end. The beauty contest scenes at the end are funny in a very uncomfortable way. It's not the best black comedy that I've ever seen, but it was certainly worth the time and money. The characters are well drawn and well acted. The script has it's holes, but it stays on focus and doesn't play the audience for stupid.


Anonymous said...

blogspot sucks

B.D. said...

Your economy of words is to be commended. Care to expound on this point or to comment on something that relates to the post?

Christina said...

I couldn't figure out why Frank (I assume it was Frank) would leave a magazine like that lying around for the cop to find.
Minors are in the vehicle.

Nor why a nihilist would be interested in applying for the Air Force academy...

I was confused about the cell phones and the two cars and the teetering toward bankruptcy, but I've been told this is typical for American families.

Christina said...

I know Edwin and Frank both selected the magazines, and Edwin's choices apparently aren't any better, but he's already shown himself to be foulmouthed and dirty-minded.

B.D. said...

Re: Magazines and minors. It's not at all clear as to whom left the magazines in the car that way. After all, they had just gotten Edwin's body out of the hospital. Surely, it wasn't Edwin, but it could have been Frank, the teenaged boy, Dad or Mom. How the magazines ended up on the body is another matter.

Also, I'm not sure that having a minor in the car was their top concern, considering they had just "stolen" a body. Edwin would not have cared about minors in the car. It didn't seem to mind to Frank since he bought the magazines, brought them to the car, and handed them to Edwin while minors (the teenager) were there.

I was also confused about the nihilist and the Air Force. That seemed terribly incongruous to me. The cell phones and 2 cars, however, is incredibly common. Heck, I had a family in the store the other day buying middle shelf liquor and being told by my co-worker that they are regulars at the local food bank.