Sunday, September 03, 2006


More by Banksy.

Afghanistan is becoming bloodier.

According to a former U.K. ambassador, the U.S. and the U.K. backed a horrendous, blood thirsty dictator in Uzbekistan and looked the other way while he boiled people in order to fight the war on terror.

Tony Blair is in trouble. When your cabinet ministers call you "deluded" and "self indulgent" your days are numbered. It's about time the Labor Party saw the light. *Sigh* If only the U.S. could change government so easily.

TPMMuckraker reports that the F.B.I. raids in representative's offices in Alaska may uncover some dirt of Ted "Tubesteak" Stevens. Apparently he's been funneling money to his son (whose office was among the ones raided) for a number of years. The AP reports that Ben Stevens and friends also had shirts and hats made with the following sayings: "Corrupt Bastards Club" and "Corrupt Bastards Caucus". We need to see those!

More such images here.

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