Wednesday, September 27, 2006


In the Seattle Times today, it says that the U.S. is spending $8 billion in Iraq per month. For Iraq and Afghanistan combined, the costs are $110 billion for the fiscal year ending October 1st. For $80 billion, you could buy each American without health care a $2,000 policy for 1 year. Just a thought...

A report from the World Economic Forum has the U.S. economy slipping into 6th place from 1st in it's global ranking of economic competitiveness. Reasons? Budget deficits including no end in sight for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and crumbling faith in it's corporate and government institutions.

Read about a person who was detained by airport security for scribbling on his transparent liquid bag that he the head of the TSA, Kip Hawley, "is an Idiot." None of the guards saw the irony in their actions.

Something rather, um, fitting: George W. Bush butt plug.

Unfortunately filed under a page titled "Breaking News", comes this report of a musical condom being created in the Ukraine. First person to get it to play the William Tell Overture during a recreation of a scene in "A Clockwork Orange" is to win a big, big prize.

Ho, hum, another day another report of a laptop with employee data on it stolen. This one from a GE employee with information on 50,000 employees. When will corporations learn? When they are sued - that's when.


Scott said...

Oh God, I loved the TSA harassment story and I hope the guy tells every civil rights organization and (s)elected official he can think of. I think the next time I fly I'll write on my ziplock:

"george w bush is a vile bush-league coward.
- A REAL combat veteran"

Maybe with a little editing we could sell 1qt ziplock bags with that printed on them.

B.D. said...

Hey, that's a great idea! Small investment; maximum kitsch value!

Scott said...

zefrank had something to say about it too.

The word verification is gtefu...