Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Remember those cluster bombs that Israel dropped and the U.S. government pretended to be not aware of? Well, according to the UN, three times as many of them have not detonated as originally thought, so the delay of families returning to their homes could be 2 years longer than expected. How many more innocent limbs/lives will be lost in the aftermath is anyone's guess. We're at 14 and counting...

Old people are costing more than expected in the U.K. because they don't have the decency to die at the predicted age. Seriously: at least the U.K. is having an open discussion on this issue. In the U.S. our leaders are dancing around it and promoting 401k plans.

Discredited Iran Contra information peddlers make a return visit to the White House to peddle more disinformation about Iran.

Anglers in the UK get tested for drugs, proving the competitive fishing is a real sport.

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