Monday, August 23, 2004

Ad-Aware SE now redux

I reported that Lavasoft had released Ad-Aware SE. Since that release, they've had a couple of minor updates and are now on version 1.03. One minor glitch occurred during these version releases. Lavasoft did not send emails out to users regarding the updates, but their update system did allow users to find out about the updates. For paying customers, though, the update path was the same as the original download path. Therefore, you had to save your original email with the link, user name, and password in order to obtain the new update. I'm anal about saving that sort of thing, so this was no big deal for me. Several people on the Lavasoft forums were unhappy and had to send a private message through the forums in order to get a new email, user name, and password. From my perspective: a minor hassle at worst and it's still a great product.

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