Monday, August 23, 2004

Interview with Keillor

Garrison Keillor has a new book out on politics and why he's a Democrat. I haven't read the book, but I've read and heard some interviews with the man about the book and his thoughts in them. Some Republicans are hopping mad about this, as if they owned Prairie Home Companion and all of the rights to it. After all, how could an elitist Democrat enjoy such a program, let alone write about it?


Anonymous said...

I saw this at the book store yesterday and thought about picking it up. Keillor is usually a pretty entertaining fellow (except when he sings, which makes me want to turn off the radio) and seems like he has a lot going on upstairs. I'm not sure why it's a big deal to come out as a Democrat, after listening to his show I think I would have been very shocked if he'd been a Republican.

The charges of elitism that get thrown at Democrats from the party of big corporations who are above the law, and rich boys from Texas who never worked a day in their lives and never had to grow up, always pisses me off. It seems to be an extension of the Karl Rove philosophy "Tell a lie five times and it becomes the truth".


B.D. said...

You're correct that this is terribly hypocritical of the Republicans. Not to let the Democrats off of the hook since they are the party with more millionaires in Congress. As Bill Maher said, "Please, John Kerry, stop rolling up your sleeves like you're about to man a
register at Costco. You're a Boston Brahmin who married not one, but two
eccentric heiresses. You're not Joe Sixpack; you're Claus Von Bulow."