Friday, August 27, 2004

Spontaneous Poetry

This is not my best example, but someone on an egroup I belong to asked, "Richard, what are you listening to these days?" To be honest, I haven't been very attentive to this egroup lately and have been considering dropping off the map entirely on them. In some frustration a few month's ago, I myself and a friend wanted to expand membership in the group and met with resistance. The resulting discussion was a little heated. Problem is that the group has become a little too quaint, too self absorbed, and it needs new blood in order to keep it lively and interesting. Obviously, I still feel that way. Anyhow, to the above question sprung this reply:

The sound of the rain beating the pavement - some rhythmic trance music
that my rational mind finds too complex, but my hips groove to in
funky fashion
The sound of the wind flowing through the trees, wrapping around the
house like a present from nature
Hot oil from the frying pan, steam from the food canner, both lifting
the essence of the late summer bounty to my nose and teasing me with
the good flavors to come
The last sigh of my lover after orgasm, her heart still beating hard -
a sigh that breathily means content and 'I want more' all in the same
tone, confusing my heart and making my cock ache for more
Bands from France, Belgium, America, Canada, Japan, India, and a
variety of African nations filling my hips with joy and an
understanding of the true universal language that shares variety and
The sound of my voice breathing in/out while I meditate on
nothingness, bringing peace to the world, one soul (mine) at a time
The sound of beans snapping as I prepare a meal
The sounds of cats meowing, wanting attention or, at least, a little
nip - either will do
The sound of hiking boots squishing in mud, which, if the mud is thick
enough, sounds oddly reminscent of a heart being massaged on ER

Right now, though? The sound of keys tapping away as I reply to your
message as well as Tuxedomoon's new album, "Cabin in the Sky".

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