Saturday, October 15, 2005

Airport Security

As effective as the real thing! Train your children to respect authority and play nice in airports, lest they be detained for further terrorist investigation. Prevent missed connection flights!


Scott said...

This is priceless and frightening. I'm tempted to order a set myself so I can make pictures like the 'Train' link.

Something around or over five years ago, a year or two before 9/11 I was at the airport picking up a relative with my brother and father. Some security buffoon yelled at us, even though he could see us go through the adjacent station. Being a bit of a smartass, I did the old hands on the wall or counter, and spread them as if for being frisked. The buffoon didn't think it was funny, and my dad and brother were livid -- worried I'd get myself thrown in the clink. When we got on the airport subway shuttle there were a lot of snickers and "thanks for the laugh" from the other passengers. I was happy to see some got the joke.

B.D. said...

I think that's a terrific tale! Mocking authority always rates in my book. When I was attending community college in Michigan, we published in the school paper some 20+ codes that could be used to access the faculty parking lot. They used easy patterns and number strings to get in like "1,2,3,4" (no kidding!) and "1,3,7,9".

Apparently, security had decided that it was too much to ask college professors to remember more secure codes (we found out later that they could require codes up to 8 digits in their system). They were furious with us, but the system was changed the next year and the faculty got tougher to break codes. Of course, some faculty members shared their codes...