Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shawn's going to Cancun

Shawn's heading to Cancun this weekend where they were just hit by a hurricane (I imagine her on the beach in something like the pose above taken is from a site called, bigolboy which is an English site full of pin-ups). The hurricane will be well away by the time Shawn arrives, but it's supposed to be rainy and hot. This is not a pleasure trip. Rather, she is flying all day Saturday for work. She arrives in the afternoon and gets to a resort by 5 or so. She then has to set up her CD burning equipment, catch some dinner and a brief nap, then stay up all night burning CDs. The CDs get handed out on Sunday morning. She gets the rest of the day at the resort and heads back Monday afternoon. Since she just started her semester at school, she's pretty freaked out with the planning. She'll be fine, however. I get to drop her off at the airport at 4:30AM on Saturday morning. She gets back into town Monday night at 11:30 and is taking a shuttle home.

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