Monday, October 31, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

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The American Association for the Advancement of Science and 2 other scientific bodies are using copyright laws to combat so-called "intelligent design" theories in Kansas.

AAAS has long held that students are ill-served by any effort in science classrooms to blur the distinction between science and other ways of knowing, including those concerned with the supernatural.

After carefully reviewing the latest version of the standards, the leadership of the National Academies’ National Research Council and the National Science Teachers Association have decided they cannot grant the Kansas State School Board permission to use substantial sections of text from two standards-related documents: the research council’s National Science Education Standards and Pathways to Science Standards, published by NSTA. The organizations sent letters to Kansas school authorities on Wednesday, Oct. 26 requesting that their copyrighted material not be used.

SweetDaddy Tiki's Mugshot Gallery
. Zen for the day.

Zen of another, NSFW, flavor: a blogger shares images scanned from The Erotic Coloring Book. Click on each image for the full view.

This video (fairly large .mov file) for Taiwanese rock band LTK Commune features a catchy, bouncy tune paired with images of a man taking a chainsaw up the butt, an elderly woman grabbing some guy in the crotch, a poorly done version of rope tricks in an S/M way, and a couple (blurred) screwing. It's all done in good fun which, from what I can tell is mocking the tabloid press...I think.

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