Friday, October 14, 2005

Red Doris is at it again

In the second substantive post on her site, Doris Nicastro launches her mission statement:

Any private-sector employee who even mouths the words "Man! What we need around here is a union!" within 50 feet of any private-sector employer will be at the curb, sans ID badge, faster than if he did lines of coke at his desk.

Our ancestral political party - The Democrats - just pick our pockets.
During the Clinton administration we wound up begging for scraps at the back door of a mansion we used to fucking own!

...We need a more energetic, post Depression Era working class persona. One that thinks and talks like today's workers think and talk. Our issues aren't in the public arena because we aren't in the public arena. We don't write. We don't publish. We don't even blog.

Finally, since this may seem like a daunting task, let me offer some advice...
Ignore the far right's "End Of History"/"Braveheart" masturbatory fantasies.
History is full of chest-pounding blowhards claiming eternal verities at the very moment that the political movement that will replace them is serving up coffee and donuts in another part of town.

Red Doris says: Get off the ropes and at the very least - blog your working class angst!

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