Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

Ugh...the lawn just about did me in yesterday, but after 2 breaks and over 2 hours, it is done.

Sadly, singer Shirley Horn has died. She was truly a jazz great.

New Orleans' residents are wondering if they'll have homes to return to or if they will be displaced again by greedy developers. Will this nation allow this to happen to our neighbors?

Concerned New Orleans homeowners are anxious to return to the city, fearful that developers or government authorities will steal their land. Many are alarmed by reports that the government is planning to bulldoze swaths of low-income communities, including many properties in the heavily damaged Lower Ninth Ward.

New Orleans homeowner and ACORN activist Derwin Hill said, "They’re picking homes that really could be, you know, put back together. And they want to just wipe out the whole area."

Hill predicted that those whose homes were completely destroyed, or who lack the financial resources or insurance money to hold onto damaged property, might be preyed upon by real-estate speculators seeking "to buy them out cheaply. They’re not going to get what their property’s worth."

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