Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome to blogging, Doris Nicastro

Mom of former Seattle city councilwoman, Judy Nicastro, begins blogging and her second post is about the strip club regulations:

What hypocrisy!

Imagine if the issue threatened the loss of over 550 male jobs at the same pay rate. Mayor Nickels would be demanding tax breaks, subsidies - may we offer you an $18 million walkway, would a trolley help? Ah, but these are only women's jobs… and bad women at that; doing un-savory activities and being well paid for it.

...I'm angry for the unemployed strippers. They've been treated badly by their elected officials. Lap dances are a lot less shocking than the sexual services offered up every week in the alternative papers. I expect that the employment options for these women aren’t between stripping or management slots at Microsoft. Now they'll have to join the mass of other workers applying for crap jobs (aren't they all!) involving long hours, and low pay, maybe serving food, packing apples or stocking shelves for $10 an hour and no benefits.

Notice too how Seattle's many 'Nam-era, windbag, progressive pundits with their greying pony tails, fat asses and jaunty berets, don't even see this as an issue! I gave up expecting a feminist sensibility from Seattle's women writers long ago. Gay issues, wounded puppies, the political condition of Iraq's women are what they ponder. Their level of concern for the financial interests of the women of a different class, in their own city, their own country? Zero.

Go, Doris, go. I look forward to more posts in the near future.

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