Friday, May 18, 2007

Ellen's official obituary

Ellen's official obituary appears on the Detroit Free Press website. There is a guest book to sign for those who wish.

Pictured above: Ellen and Archie at what I believe is a summer day in Detroit during a Formula One racing event. As I recall, the 2 of them went downtown with some other folks to see the races. I had to work. I was to meet up with everyone that evening at St. Andrews Hall to watch local band Rebel Heels play their record release party (they had just been signed to a major label). I got to the hall early, hung out with the band (I knew them and wished them a good show), hung out with DJ Diana - spun records and drank vodka, and danced. Eventually, Archie showed up - exhausted after a day in the sun and drinking. He barely kept his eyes open for the show. No one else made it that evening, but I had a good time.

As Archie said when looking at these pictures: "Oh my god! I've got hair!!! And look at those glasses!" Indeed. And look at that smile on Ellie - so typical.

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