Thursday, May 03, 2007


Former Gonzales aide, Monica Goodling, has possibly violated federal law for her role in the hiring/firing of attorneys at the Justice dept.

The Inspector General for Iraq is under investigation.

The Inspector General at the Department of Commerce is under 3 investigations.

President's lawyers claim he is "Czar Czar". They now claim that their pledge of the use of courts to seek warrants for secret wiretaps was, well, a joke. The president, they claim has constitutional powers to do this without seeking court approval.

Wayne Besen offers a good critique of Anglican church conservatives and their would-be Nigerian Bishop who ignores troubles in his own flock to come to America to rid us of the scourge of homosexual Bishops.

A weapon every woman could love: a taser disguised as a tampon. Oy!


Scott said...

This may be gonzo's smartest move, possibly his only one in ages. If he had anything to do with it. I don't 'recall' seeing anything. This undermines the congress idea of offering her immunity, so I'd say it is pretty deliberate and blatant attempt to muzzle her.

B.D. said...

Ooo, good point. Congress can still ignore that and provide her with immunity anyhow. Indeed, I think that they should.

John McKay gave an interview on KCTS (local PBS) last night during which he said that he couldn't imagine Justice overcoming this scandal without a Gonzales resignation.