Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Robert Zoellick

The nominee for the head of the World Bank, like his predecessor, has a strong neo-con perspective:
"A modern Republican foreign policy recognises that there is still evil in the world, people who hate America and the ideas for which it stands.

"Today, we face enemies who are hard at work to develop nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, along with the missiles to deliver them. The United States must remain vigilant and have the strength to defeat its enemies."

Typical claptrap in the neo-con form. The standard canard that people hate America for it's ideas (presumably referring to "democracy" and "freedom") is ridiculous. Reagan promoted those same ideas and he wasn't attacked for them. So what has changed? Perhaps a failed foreign policy promoted by at least 2 presidencies? Oy, what a thought: they hate us for our ideas like imperialism and a failure to reign in Israel!

Quote from Zoellick via the Independent.

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