Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well, that's one way to push back: Iran expels 36,000 Afghans. Snippet:

Iran is estimated to have up to one and a half million illegal Afghan workers who do the most dangerous and dirty jobs with little legal protection.

There are also just under a million registered refugees.

Tehran says some 300,000 of those refugees will be eligible to apply for work visas to return to Iran, if they first go back to Afghanistan.
Sounds like a Bush immigration plan to me. I'm sure he'll understand.

The U.S. wants to impose travel restrictions on UK citizens of Pakistani origin. At home, we call that racism.

Bush calls a time table for pull out in a Iraq a "prescription for chaos and confusion". Doesn't that describe the current state in that country as well? How would bringing our troops home make it worse and worse for who?

Jesus fucking christ: There's now a food safety "czar". First of all, that's what a group of people already in the FDA are supposed to be doing so we don't need a new person. We just need the people who are there to do their fucking job or get fired for failing. Secondly, I'm not usually someone who gets all bothered by titles, but could we drop the word "czar" from titles involving government officials. We're not Imperialist Russia, yet, no matter how much the Bushies would love it to be so. We don't need a drug czar, a food safety czar, an Iraq War czar...hell, I expect Bush to soon appoint himself "czar czar", though that may get many of us to soon derisively call him, "Zsa Zsa".

Violet Blue reports on the Extra Action Marching Band and why Crisco is not lube.

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