Friday, May 04, 2007

U.S. Attorney scandal

It just got juicier today. First, I read CoolAqua which reports on the Karl Rove-Dave Reichart possible tie in to replacing John McKay, U.S. Attorney from Seattle. Snippet:
Rove assistant Leslee Westine becomes CEO of TechNet, replacing CEO Rick White, who is then recommended by Dave Reichert to be the new Washington State Attorney, right after Karl Rove's Office has just sacked the Washington State Attorney?
Isn't the delish? It only gets more fabulous as reports that the assistant to Monica Goodling's attorney was quite possibly, one of the escorts who worked for the DC Madame. Snippet:

Does this mean that telephone and/or face-to-face conversations took place between (1) the Magnificent Monica Goodling, of U.S. Attorneygate fame, and (2) the Akin Gump Escort? It would seem so. Presumably Monica Goodling had to interact with the Akin Gump Escort, whenever she called Dowd on the phone, or came to his office for a meeting.

Please excuse us for a moment. Our head is about to explode, due to fabulosity overload!!!

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