Thursday, May 10, 2007


From It should be noted that the general speaking is John Batiste, a life long Republican.

In Somalia, an undeclared front on Bush's war, forces are tearing the veils off of Muslim women and burning them in an attempt to locate fundamentalist insurgents. That's going to make a lot of friends.

Hit & Run has a post up about the Bush administration's need to have a czar for everything. My screed against czars is here. I think Bush wants to name himself Czar Czar Blinks.

Read how Delaware towns are fleecing taxpayers - legally - by getting grants from Fatherland Security for equipment that gathers dust most of the time. I'd be a lot happier if the equipment was either never made or gathering dust all of the time. Usually when it does get used the result is that it's used for raids against non-violent drug offenders. No offense to Delaware as this has been widely reported as occurring throughout the U.S.

When Anti-Coice people choose abortion. Great tales of hypocrisy.

Hm, it seems that the CIA recently undertook a "significant covert action" without first informing Congress and that is against the law. Naturally, the CIA claims it was an "oversight".

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