Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Verschärfte Vernehmung

Andrew Sullivan informs readers that the above phrase was coined by the Nazis and that it means "enhanced interrogation". That's the same phrase that U.S. politicians use when referring to our current interrogation methods which, as it turns out, are the same or similar to the ones used by the Nazis. From the article, which is well worth reading:
Critics will no doubt say I am accusing the Bush administration of being Hitler. I'm not. There is no comparison between the political system in Germany in 1937 and the U.S. in 2007. What I am reporting is a simple empirical fact: the interrogation methods approved and defended by this president are not new. Many have been used in the past. The very phrase used by the president to describe torture-that-isn't-somehow-torture - "enhanced interrogation techniques" - is a term originally coined by the Nazis. The techniques are indistinguishable. The methods were clearly understood in 1948 as war-crimes. The punishment for them was death.

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