Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dickie's Quickes

I reported on Paint.NET in December. It's a windows based project by Washington State University students, mentored by a Microsoft expert, to create a photo editing product. It's free to everyone. They released a new version (2.1) about a month ago.

Juan Cole was attacked by Jonah Goldberg. Cole responds and makes Jonah look foolish. Go to the first link and scroll down to read the entire dust up.

If you haven't heard, Microsoft is going to release 13 bug fixes, primarily for Windows on Tuesday.

Speaking of Windows, here's a list of the Command Line References for Windows XP. Excellent.

Boing Boing reports: Geek comedian Heather Gold is selling aprons at her award winning, damn funny one woman shows in San Francisco, I look Like An Egg, But I Feel Like a Cookie. She's selling aprons at the show that read, "Hot Lesbian Baking Action". You can also get them from her website. Sample her CD bits and get both while you're there.

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