Friday, February 18, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

This morning, Fleshbot had a headline which read: "Linus Sex Positions" Imagine my surprise and chagrin when, instead of pictures of the Peanut's character with Sally, I got pictures of penguins (apparently, not gay) in Kama Sutra positions! Mildly amusing joke (referring to Torvalds) in a geeky way.

Reason offers up a commentary on covenant marriages. I know why liberals are so upset about these things, however I cannot get myself worked up about them. As someone who believes that the state shouldn't even be involved in marriage, but rather enforcing contract laws, I don't have a problem with these relationships. There's no reason, however, to spread the distorted notion (as this article does) that marriage contracts are easier to get out of than ones involving cars. That simply isn't true and spreading such lies does nothing to further your worthy cause. Yes, I think it's a worthy cause for people to be free to design their own marriage contracts (even if I think the terms of the covenant marriages are too burdensome for myself). I just want the state to get out of the way and let people be even more creative in developing such contracts.

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