Thursday, February 10, 2005

Extra Dick

Apparently, the FAA had quite a bit more information about possible terrorist attacks prior to 9/11 than was previously disclosed. The 9/11 commission had access to this information, but chose not to share it in their report. Do you think that the Bush administration is going to accept some responsibility or will they blame this as a failure of the FAA as if the organization exists with no employees?

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Scott said...

I'm sure I've mentioned it before... In 1991 I was briefed by an Admiral that in the post cold war era our most signigicant threat would probably come from the Afghan freedom fighters. We'd used them as proxy warrier against the Soviets, and were dropping them unceremoniously. There was great concern they would feel used and abandoned, and the very pride and fierceness we depended on would be turned against us.

We taught them organization and tactics, particulary creating the most damage with limited funds -- which we call terrorism when directed against us. We were told the greatest fear was they would use airliners against domestic US targets, like shopping malls or stadiums where they could easily kill tens of thousands. It seems they went for our financial center which they seem to think we value more than life itself, and the previous Trade Center attack was an obvious hint.

Who used and discarded these people who became the Taliban and Al Qaeda? Take a look at our current cabinet. Not a single politician on either side has had the courage to admit to this knowledge, that was given to a lowly lieutenant. This was not a surprise but something we had been expecting for over a decade.