Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

The Supreme Court will not take up the serious issues in the Alabama Sex Toy case. Note to CNN: this is a serious legal discussion, should it be filed under "Fun Money"? This is not just about commerce, but rather also about individual rights, especially the right to privacy. Do you want to give government control or discretion about what goes on in your bedroom (or bathroom, living room, garage, utility room, etc)?

Security Focus has a good article on what needs to be done to address more troubling issues within Windows in specific and computer management in general.

The Russian music site is now under investigation by Russian authorities for possible copyright infringements. Decision to press charges will be March 7th. The RIAA has been pushing for this for a long time, now. One thing about the site that has always impressed me was their model for business in a digital world. They charge per megabyte of downloaded material (essentially charging for bandwidth) as opposed to per song. After all, an album may contain 1 tune or it may contain 20 tunes. Since the user is providing the materials for burning and any possible cover art, it makes sense to me to disassociate the price charged from the number of tracks (or even from the album, since they will be relics in the digital age). Perhaps these folks weren't charging enough for their downloads and perhaps they thwarted copyright laws, but I still think that their model was/is one to contend with.

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