Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

Microsoft has published "A Parent's Primer to Computer Slang". It's a classic text somewhat reminiscent of the public service ads from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s that purport to spread the knowledge of current slang to find out if your kid is using drugs, listening to hedonist music (either jazz or rock 'n' roll), your white kid was hanging out with black kids, etc. The subtitle of this article is "Understand how your kids communicate online to help protect them". I'm sure that learning the words "dOOd" and "m4d sk1llz" is going to go a long way towards that.

Speaking of communications, my friend at The Aerie has a good commentary on Peggy Noonan and the right wing control of the media. In the piece, he notes that the Jeff Gannon story " conspicuously missing from most mainstream media." True enough! I cannot find a comparison I saw online right now, but someone has done a tabulation of the times the story has been mentioned since it broke through Thursday and Fox News has only mentioned it twice while CNN hasn't done much better. I avoid those snooze programs and watch The Countdown on MSNBC where Keith Olbermann has mentioned the story almost nightly. In fact, Olbermann blogged about it Thursday. The Countdown is one thing I'll miss when I dump my television viewing.

Speaking of The Countdown, if you'll scroll down Olbermann's blog, you'll note the February 12th entry in which Keith complains about the recent Christos art installation in Central Park called The Gates. In Olbermann's opinion, "They look like crap." Olbermann, in my opinion, has made entirely too much out of this on his show and it's becoming tiresome. Though I'll miss it on Monday (see the above link regarding dumping broadcast television), I'd like to suggest to Keith that he try a more humorous approach like this parody or this one.

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