Friday, February 04, 2005


born into debt

This caught my eye this morning and is courtesy of The Free Speech Zone.

Ann Coulter was on The Fifth Estate on the CBC this week. She's an idiot. Go here and see the video of her arguing with the CBC reporter about Canada's role in Vietnam (hint: she claims they sent soldiers to Vietnam, the reporter corrects her and she argues with him).

No link, but if someone has a link to the video of Kinky Friedman on Hardball last night, please drop me an email. Kinky, if you haven't heard, is running for governor of Texas. They could do a lot worse. In fact, they have done a lot worse.

An update on the woman who was auctioning off space on her ample chest on eBay for advertising. A casino has won the bidding. This comes with a picture that is work safe.

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