Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Random Ten

1) Curtis Mayfield - Superfly (Single Mix)

Sheeeiiit, this should begin everybody's Friday.

2) The Style Council - The World Must Come Together

From the box set of the complete albums.

3) Ministry - She's Got A Cause

Yep, from their first album - the Euro Disco record that they disown.

4) The Killers - All These Things That I've Done

One of the songs from this album that shows clear Queen influence.

5) Dave Anton - Bush Whacked

From a compilation of mash-ups and original material released online as a reaction to the Bush presidency.

6) Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings - This Land Is Your Land

The funkiest version EVER of this Guthrie tune. Damn, I love this act.

7) Holly Figueroa - Inside Out

Local. Holly just got out of surgery a week or so ago. Wish her well. She's a talented artist.

8) Temper Temper - Loaded Life

Downloaded from a blog. Rockers. Pretty good, too. Not great, but shows some potential.

9) Annie Lennox - Twisted

Simply one of the best voices in pop music - still. I saw the Eurythmics play a couple of times. On the last tour of their 80s/90s hey day, the show was fine, but the audience wasn't into the newer material. At one point, Annie turned on the charm and took control of the audience. She had them in her pocket for the rest of the night. It was amazing.

10) Ozomatli - Who's To Blame?

Started it funky, ended it funky. I cannot get enough of Ozomatli's latest album.

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